Isolation triggered by the shelter in place policies, job loss, insurance loss, and fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus has the potential to foment or exacerbate medical and mental health challenges among the American population.

This study leverages Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey (HPS) data to explore the ability…

Data Source: IMDB Rotten Tomatoes Dataset

IMDb Dataset | Kaggle

Mission: Develop a classifier to determine whether a movie is Fresh or Rotten based on reviews given to the movie.

Prediction Model: Naïve Bayes

One of the most important supporting function here is CountVectorizer, it will convert raw text into…

Let’s first define a simple multinomial model:

def sin_model(x, theta):
Predict the estimate of y given x, theta_1, theta_2
Keyword arguments:
x -- the vector of values x
theta -- a vector of length 2
theta_1 = theta[0]
theta_2 = theta[1]
return theta_1 * x + np.sin(theta_2 …

Gaming platforms are under pressure to address bullying and harassment that occurs among users on their platforms. They’ve been struggling with how to deal with this since users can be playing one on one, in small groups of friends, or with large groups of unknown individuals, and unlike many social…

This brief memo responds to the request to provide a risk assessment of the potential adoption of electronic monitoring in the school district. Per request, I focused on the ethical risks of this technology. The guiding principles of the Belmont Report provide a framework to engage the challenges that may…

The psychedelic journey may not give you what you want, but it will provide you with what you need.

So at 8:00 am, I put a tiny piece of paper under my tongue. …

Jackie Hu

🌞By day grad @BerkeleyISchool 🌑By night, writing, 3DRendering, DJing, reading about cool stuff (She/her)

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